Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A macro called PPTXML1_3_2, in Microsoft's Unlimited Potential program

Microsoft provided the following information about this macro:

PPTXML1_3_2 macro.
This macro is used to localized ppt files. You will find a Slides folder under every Instructor Files folder. There are also a few ppt files under the Practice folder of the Presentation Fundamentals course. This macro will help you localize this files faster.
Double-click the PPTXML1_3_2.ppt. Go to Tools\Macro - Run Macro. The Export feature is used to extract the strings of the PPTs. The result is a xml file containing the strings and a ppt with the same name as the xml. The ppt contains “tags” to locate the position of the extracted strings. You will need this “new” PPTs to reconvert the localized xml files into PPTs. That is why they are both included in the handoff structure.

Ignoring the grammatical errors in the above narrative,
I opened the ppt file but was unable to run the macro as the 'Run' button was grayed out (it was not active).
On double-clicking the macro I was taken to Visual Basic Environment where on running the macro, got the following message:
"The macros in this project are disabled...."

I searched this error online and figured out how to use "Tools" menu to lower the security level in order to run the macro. The "Run" button now became active.

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