Sunday, November 05, 2006

Windows XP does not like AirLink AWLH4030

Ever since I have installed Windows XP on my desktop, the computer is frequently freezing up--the problem seems to be the compatibility between the operating system and the wireless network card's driver. In the evening, went to Fry's to check out available wireless cards. I want to buy one that would have the Windows XP logo on the box so that my system does not warn me of perils attached with installing an unrecognized device and threateningly ask me if I want to "Continue anyway?" Linksys is selling such cards (with XP logo on the box), but now I am worried about the compatibility between the Airlink router (that I already have) and the new Linksys card. I ended up not buying anything. Need to do more research, consult more knowledgeable people.

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